Ulrike Ottinger

Film, Art and the Ethnographic Imagination

Edited by Angela McRobbie

The book consists of thirteen contributors, one commentator and 5 interviews. 20 b&w illus.

Release: 24.06.2024

Published by Intellect Books

278 pages

ISBN 9781835950609

GBP 29.95

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"The first English language scholarly collection of articles on the leading Berlin based German artist and film-maker Ulrike Ottinger. The articles engage with the full range of the works, from the early Berlin feature films of the 1970s and .'80s to the ethnographic documentaries also including the art exhibitions, photography shows, installations, and artist books. The book brings together feminist film theorists with art historians and cultural theorists, each with a distinctive and detailed perspective on the queer fabulist genres of Ottinger now in her 80s."

Publisher Intellect Books


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