"As its title suggests, this exhibition features everything that constitutes the legendary Ottinger’s artistic practice. This exhibition is entirely dedicated to the imagination of this extraordinary artist and, like a dictionary that defines her languages or an alphabet that deciphers her stories, it turns the pages of her diverse and long-standing oeuvre. The Kunsthalle becomes a stage, a film set, a studio, a backstage, an archive, and a living museum. Photographic images map those places in the world where she has spent her life, while installation elements and sculptural forms reflect her understanding of bodies. Cinematic formats that reflect her politics of storytelling and political statements in many different forms create interstitial spaces. (...)

A selection of Ulrike Ottinger's films will be shown weekly at the Moviac cinema in Baden-Baden to accompany the exhibition. A catalogue for the exhibition will be published at the end of April."

Exhibition: 19.02. – 19.06.2022

Opening: Friday, 18.02.2022 at 6 p.m.

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