Das Lebewohl/Les Adieux

Staging and stage: Ulrike Ottinger

The right is represented by pictures.
Haider is sporty, tanned, with a naked torso. Power is erotically charged - erotic for men and women, by the way.
Elfriede Jelinek

World premiere: December 9, 2000, Berliner Ensemble, Berlin
Text Elfriede Jelinek
Direction and Stage design Ulrike Ottinger
Costume Gisela Storch-Pestalozza
Lighting Konrad Lindenberg
Dramaturgy Jutta Ferbers
with Peter Beck
Mark Oliver Bögel
Philippe Graber
Klaus Hecke
Thorsten Heidel
Christian Kaiser
Detlef Lutz
Thomas Mehlhorn
Rudolf Melichar
Uwe Preuß
Götz Schulte
Kristian Wanzl
Axel Werner


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