Das Verlobungsfest im Feenreiche von Johann Nestroy

Staging and stage: Ulrike Ottinger

[...] It is also interesting how he dealt with theater traditions even in the revolutionary period of the pre-March period and how he worked with a variety of elements in this play. Nestroy describes social breaks. And there have been and still are in Japan. The collision of all these breaks should be manifested in the performance: the form of the magic game that Nestroy chose for his play has structure and content-related facets similar to the classic Kabuki theater […]
Ulrike Ottinger in an interview with Mathias Grilj

Production: Steirischer Herbst, Graz 1999 | Premiere: September 25, 1999
Direction and Stage design Ulrike Ottinger
Costume Gisela Pestalozza
with Libgart Schwarz
Takeshi Miyajima
Tetsuro Nonami
Tsutomu Izawa
Masakatsu Hanayagi
Emiko Yoshimura
Yoshie Sakamoto
Takanojo Senda
Yukiko Goto
und viele andere mehr

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