Hommage à Klaus Nomi

A Songplay by Olga Neuwirth

Staging and stage: Ulrike Ottinger

“Even in the artificial 80s, he was an extreme artificial figure: Klaus Sperber, born in 1944 in Immenstadt in Bavaria, transformed from 1978 with spectacular appearances as a countertenor into Klaus Nomi, an androgynous dream figure from the future that reflects the melancholy and painful course of time countered with ironic, foolish and dreamy songs. Klaus Nomi stood across all borders. He sang classical and baroque arias as well as Marlene Dietrich chansons and pop titles, he strolled through all musical spheres without belonging to them. When he was just about to become a big star, AIDS put an end to his life.” – Deutschlandfunk

Production: Maerzmusik 2008 Berliner Festspiele | Premiere: March 07, 2008
Idea/Composition/Arrangement Olga Neuwirth
Text Thomas Jonigk
Instrumentation of the baroque interludes Raaf Hekkema
Direction & Stage design Ulrike Ottinger
Live Video Performance Lillevan
Costume design Yoshio Yabara
Sound direction Daniel Plewe
Lighting direction Andreas Harder
Dramaturgy Helga Utz
Conductor Titus Engel
Countertenor Andrew Watts
Actor Marc Bischoff
Production Maerz Musik 2008, Berliner Festspiele


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