...Her son-in-law, Ippolit Matwejewitch Worobjaninow, is a former nobleman and a dandy who is currently wasting away as a small town magistrate in charge of civil marriages. He eagerly takes up the quest to find the treasure.

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In the making

In 2001, for my film, Southeast Passage, I traveled in search of blind spots in Europe, sites that have been neglected by the media. Beginning in Berlin, I traversed through Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, before reaching my final destination of Odessa. At the same time, I embarked on a literary voyage and studied the novels, short stories, and poetry of these countries. 

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Christine N. Brinckmann: Ulrike Ottinger's picaresque universe

lrike Ottinger quickly adopted the picaresque style. Even her early films have no psychologically sketched characters. Their structure is episodic and lacks an overall theme. Instead there is plenty of detail that temporarily binds the arranged figures into a composition until this is replaced by a new ambience, new shades, new circumstances. She also soon began incoporating satirical elements as well as a love of heterogeneity, the grotesque, the baroque.

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