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Faces, Found Objects and Rough Riders

Artpace San Antonio - Gallery Notes: Ulrike Ottinger - New Works


About the artist

Ulrike Ottinger began experimenting with collage, performance, and photography in the 1960s before turning primarily to film toward the end of the decade. Since then she has produced eighteen cinematic works and countless photographs. Consistently playing with conventions of modernism and the classical avant-garde, she nurtures traces of the familiar and the unfamiliar, the real and the fantastic, allowing each to seamlessly intermingle with the others.

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Dan R. Goddard: German artist finds beauty in charreadas

In her films, German artist Ulrike Ottinger often examines the tension between art and ethnography. Spending two months in San Antonio, she became fascinated with the heritage of Mexican American cowboys.
She discovered the world of the Mexican rodeo, or charreada, which she has documented in her installation of large-scale photographs called "Faces, Found Objects and Rough Riders" at ArtPace.

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