Bridget Donahue 2019, New York

Press Release

Bridget Donahue is pleased to present photographs and flat works by the radical German artist and filmmaker, Ulrike Ottinger. Ottinger’s complex and transgressive practice defies boundaries and hierarchies. In film, she would be considered an auteur, but such a term is limited when considering the films, exhibitions, operas, radio plays, photographs, paintings, costumes, collages, and more produced by Ottinger over a fifty year period.

This exhibition marks Ottinger’s first in New York in nearly 20 years and includes a selection of photographs taken over the span of her career, many of which were shot on set of her most iconic films. These photos give a kaleidoscopic and idiosyncratic lens into the themes and characters that inhabit Ottinger’s highly stylized universe where power, history, culture, gender and normative storytelling is collapsed and put back into burlesque disorder.


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Exhibition review in The New Yorker:


For Ottinger, the play of imagination is an essential realm of freedom, a way for women to defy and liberate themselves from the misogyny that’s embedded as deeply in consensus styles as in consensus politics. She does something similar in the earlier film—albeit in a more local and explicitly sociocritical vein. [...] Ottinger films her wanderings in images of a bold compositional floridity, rendering in richly textured detail the constellation of pill-like lights in the café, the grungy garbage-strewn industrial waterfront, the silvery chill of a whale-shaped riverboat. (Richard Brody, 01/03/2019)


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