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Ulrike Ottinger. Madame X - An Absolute Ruler

Madame X verteilt den vergifteten Kuchen, 1977

The gallery kirchgasse shows photographs by Ulrike Ottinger related to her film MADAME X: AN ABSOLUTE RULER.


"Madame X. An Absolute Ruler" was created in 1978 on Lake Constance and tells the story of the Chinese pirate queen "Madame X". "GOLD - LOVE - ADVENTURE", seductive words, originating from the trivial myth of everyday life, promises Madame X, a stern, relentless beauty, the uncrowned and cruel ruler of the Chinese Sea, in an appeal to all women who are willing to exchange their comfortable, safe, but almost unbearably monotonous everyday life for a world full of danger and insecurity, but also full of love and adventure.


This call of the pirate queen is given to a German forest ranger, Josephine de Collage, the European artist; Betty Brillo, American housewife, the psychologist Carla Freud-Goldmund, the photo model Blow Up, the bush pilot Omega Zentauri and Noa-Noa, the woman from the South Seas. So the team finds itself as a women's crew of the junk together and goes under the masterful command of the imperious "Madame X". It is followed by passionate scenes full of eroticism, jealousy and murderous conflicts. When the ship comes ashore, all figures appear transformed.