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Ulrike Ottinger: Image Archives

Photographs 1970–2005


Introduction by Catherine David

Ulrike Ottinger came to filmmaking in the early seventies via a career in the visual arts (painting, works on paper, photography, performance). But she took her first photograph at the age of nine, on a canal boat in Amsterdam (two Indian gentlemen, one in a trench coat, the other one wearing a turban with a well-tailored suit, smile for the camera). Afterwards would come thousands of images (photographs of course, but also collections of postcards, cut-outs, illustrations and various iconographic documents), constituting the open archive of a life and an œuvre based on a principle of the collage of images and events.

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Gerald Matt im Gespräch mit Ulrike Ottinger

GERALD MATT: You started out as a painter and later became famous as a filmmaker. You've continued to photograph, too. How do you see the relationship in your work between painting, photography, and film?

ULRIKE OTTINGER: I not only painted before starting to make films, I was also active in performance. For the paintings from the early 60s in Paris, I staged "Living Pictures" with friends, which I photographed and then transferred to canvas

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