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Neuer Berliner Kunstverein / Hannah-Höch-award

This publication is the first extensive documentation of previously unknown artistic work from the 1960s by Ulrike Ottinger and marks the award of the 2011 Hannah Höch prize to the internationally renowned filmmaker. Previously unknown and unshown paintings, objects, prints and photographs open up a completely new perspective on her visual world and work. (Buchhandlung Walther König)

The book was published on the occasion of the 2011 Hannah Höch prize and the exhibition of Ulrike Ottinger’s early paintings at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein.

Excerpt of the catalogue

"It seems as if the artist with this central motif of bubble gum was setting herself up against the arrogance of the art caste and the “old heights” of art. Or does she leave open at the same time whether she is not distancing herself in a critical-ironic fashion from pop art with this motif as an art of effective short-term myths? Bubble Gum seems not as clear or one sided as its Blow up-motif might suggest. On the contrary: Ottinger with her peinture nouvelle, as she herself called it, decides for an elective affinity for both, high and low: she remained true to painting as a medium and tried to revolutionize it from within. We can see her as a “double agent” (Leslie A. Fielder) of these contrary cultures of elite and popular, realities and myths, figurations and abstractions." (Hanne Bergius)