Still Moving

The Films and Photographs of Ulrike Ottinger

Glasgow: Exhibition at The Hunterian | April 20 – July 29, 2018

The Hunterian presents a solo exhibition of moving image works and photographs by the internationally renowned filmmaker and artist Ulrike Ottinger, accompanied by a retrospective screening of her key films.
Among Ottinger’s major works are the ‘Berlin Trilogy’ (1979-1984), the feature film Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia (1989) – an incredible journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway that takes a motley company of western women to the wilds of Inner Mongolia – and, applying an ethnographic lens to marginal European cultures, Twelve Chairs (2004) and Southeast Passage (2002).
Supported by Glasgow International and the Goethe Institut.

Exhibition review in The Guardian, Adrian Searle, 20/04/2018
Transgressive, erotic, alarming, unconscionable and marvellous, Ottinger’s work is a call to artistic freedom and formal rigour. Life-affirming and dangerous, she is an accidental mentor to the best younger artists here, and a rejoinder to mediocrity, to things I prefer not to recall.

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